What is ORGANIC?

Despite the rumor mill, these are the STRICT PARAMETERS that our foods and crops must adhere to in order to receive the CERTIFIED ORGANIC label.

CA regulations

Why do they cost more?
Well, in a nutshell, these farmers must:
💥pay to have their soils and products tested to ensure they meet the criteria listed in the above info-graphic.
💥sustainability, purity, and quality, all require extra attention in the form of physical labour – as opposed to ‘sprayed’ crops which are left to their own defenses via poison control, eliminating man power and employment opportunities….which leads to it’s own issues.


In my humble opinion, no man or woman should be without the healthiest nutrition, or adequate employment to keep their families protected in every way.  Replacing manual labour with machines is great in some ways…..and clearly not so great in others.

A reasonable mind will understand how disease, illness, autoimmune disorders, etc, have become extremely common these days – with numbers increasing annually.

Put simply:
Don’t mess with your food, and your food won’t mess with you.

FOOD IS MEDICINE  ~ Please choose wisely!
Melissa Hiller xo




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