IT WORKS!!! DIY Insect Repellent


DIY non-toxic bug repellent.
DEET free.
No pesticides.
No herbicides. Sustainable.
All the important factors are covered here.
I’ve been working in thick bush for a few days and this works!
Flies, mosquitoes buzz around but refuse to land on me!!
I used to be a skeptic, but not anymore!
#citronella #purification #teatree #peppermint #diybugrepellent #zerotoxins #cleanliving #healthylifestyle
#makeinformeddecisions #investinyourwellbeing

**Update on my roller ball combo!!
Yesterday, deep in the extremely thick forest (very difficult to walk in as we have to wade through stinging nettles, wild roses, may apples, goose berries, wild raspberries – ALL as tall as my shoulders – not to mention all the fallen logs and bushy shrubs), my poor Luna was being harassed by several deer flies that were biting her ears. (NONE ON US!!) I took out my roller ball, applied some to the tips and backs of her ears. NO MORE DEER FLIES!!!!!

Do not be fooled into thinking you require toxic poison to eliminate pests. It is not good for you. Definitely not good for your children and babies!!!

The skin is our biggest organ. It absorbs anything and everything that you apply to it. The toxins seep into your blood stream and carried on through to your liver to be filtered.

A sludgy liver leads to SERIOUS issues and symptoms of inflammation, etc…….so please, I urge you to educate yourself and trust that the companies that benefit from your illnesses are loving how brainwashed our society has become to their BS campaigns.

Save your health…..try some NON-TOXIC oils. NOT all essential oils are pure and non-toxic. SEED TO SEAL is important to me which is why I researched meticulously for several years before I chose these oils to be a part of my daily health regiment.

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