7 Benefits of Yarrow

Historical Usage:

The Aanishnaabe women used yarrow leaves and flowers for

  • delayed menstrual periods
  • to soothe breast abscesses
  • ease childbirth, and
  • for expulsion of the placenta following delivery

Turn of the Century physicians turned to yarrow for:

  • urinary tract woes
  • digestive health
  • menstrual complaints

Healing Potential

Contains more than 120 compounds

  1. Reduces fever and inflammation
  2. Reduces heavy blood flow during menses
  3. Shrinks fibroid tumours
  4. Hot flashes with the onset of menopause
  5. Bladder infections
  6. Colds, flu, cough, and sore throat
  7. Use as a wash or poultice to stop bleeding and heal wounds


Parts of the plant used:  Flowers, leaves, and stems



How to make Yarrow Tea (very good with a few sprigs of fresh mint)
~Place a few sprigs of fresh yarrow in a tea pot & steep until desired temperature!
I prefer most of my teas at room temperature and topped up with cool water to make a nourishing flavoured ‘water’ to sip throughout the day.


Peace & Blessings,
Melissa Hiller xo ~ Followers welcome!


Disclaimer – All info shared is for information only.  Please consult your physician for any health issues that you may have.

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