DIY goals

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When I was a little girl, I loved spending time with my grandparents, on their farm.  They had a few cows, (& sometimes goats, sheep, geese, and horses), and they had large vegetable and berry gardens. 

Grandma also had beautiful rock gardens, layered in tiers, separating their driveway from the yard.  Some of my favourite afternoons were spent helping her weed those beds, and learn the names of these fragile beauties.

As I grew older, and able to maintain gardens of my own, the research began.

Spring planting, back home… favourite task of all — creating new beauty, and life!

It started simply enough with seed catalogues, (we didn’t have internet back then on the island I grew up on, back in Northern Ontario), and magazine articles.  [ Harrowsmith — I adore you! ]

And imagine my amazement when I’d read blurbs and articles, all dedicated to teaching about the medicinal properties, and healing potentials, of various plants and other botanicals!!  This opened up a whole new world for me!

Tanner on the front step, & Rain on the sidewalk.  #happy_memories

When I bought this house, many moons ago, I had dreams of building a jungle-like atmosphere, and I worked diligently to turn this barren yard, into my dream-come-true! #nevergiveup

I have been a busy woman, making my way through many life challenges and changes, (for so many reasons), but the one constant in my life has been my love of, — and desire to learn more –, about herbs, and nutrition, and the healing powers of The Plant Kingdom!

I am finally at a place where I am able to begin this magical journey (again), and expand my knowledge as I learn and grow more of my own ‘gifts’ from Mother Nature.  As time passes, I will write about it, and share my experiences and photos.

But for now, I will read, research, make my lists of ‘to-do’, and wants, while I watch the snow fall and lay the ground to sleep so it may heal itself.

This is the beautiful thing about snow, and winter.  It allows for spring preparations………….and dreaming…………

Who’s with me?  What are your spring/summer garden-goals?

Peace, Love, & Healing,
Melissa Hiller xo
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