White Bean & Bacon Soup

As I was organizing my pantry the other day, taking inventory, I came across my jar of white beans.  I knew I had some bacon in the freezer, so I grabbed my crock-pot, threw in some dried beans and water, and set it on high for a few hours.

I then turned off the heat and allowed the pot to sit and soak.  Easy peasy…you can do it!

Dried beans are inexpensive, and easy to come by — so next time you’re grocery shopping, get yourself a few varieties, and experiment!

Did you know….?

Cooked beans can be frozen for future use, and are a healthier alternative to commercially canned beans and lentils!

Cook up a big batch, portion them out, freeze, and repeat!

Now here’s the featured recipe!


(You may substitute smoked meat of choice (turkey, pork, chicken)

  • Pre-cooked, organic white beans (approximately one cup per person/portion desired)
  • Organic chicken stock (keep an eye on your flyers – it’s often on sale!)
  • Organic bacon — 2-3 slices diced
  • Onion, 1 large — diced
  • Carrots, 2 – 3 diced
  • Celery, 2 stalks diced
  • Garlic, 2-3 cloves minced (or a tsp of dried)
  • Fresh herbs of choice — I used Sage & Thyme, or you can use dried (1-2 tsp to taste preference)
  • Sea Salt (& Pepper, if desired)


  • In a large pot, saute the bacon and diced veggies, with the herbs, until golden and slightly softened.
  • {At this point you may transfer the veggies and bacon to your slow-cooker, or you may proceed to simmer on your stove-top….the choice is yours!}
  • Add the chicken stock, and cooked beans; cover and simmer until all ingredients are soft — approximately 30 mins.
  • Season with salt and pepper to taste — and enjoy!

Serve with a side salad, and fresh baked bread, to complete your meal. Bon appetit!

Fresh baked ‘Sprouted Spelt’ bread — recipe will be uploaded soon!
Melted Butter & Herbed Olive Oil {for dipping or spreading!}
The Perfect Pairing — Amazing!

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