Lavender & it’s properties…

Lavender ~

It hasn’t always been my favourite scent.

Like so many other essential oils, this fragrance had to grow on me — made much easier by product education.

Lavender, and it’s properties, can greatly be affected by it’s growing medium, distillation process, and bottling.



Did you know……

Many of today’s marketed essential oils are tainted with other strains of lavender-scented ‘smells-alike‘ plants and fake fragrances, as well as synthetic carrier oils.

The habitat, soil conditions, and fertilizer practices — can, (& will), affect the outcome of a plant’s fragrance and therapeutic properties?

The duration of the distillation process itself will greatly affect the therapeutic properties of the botanicals used.

Many of the essential oils available on the market have not been purity tested, which means they may not be therapeutic-grade, (enabling it to be touted as NON-TOXIC and safe for topical usage).

Not all oils labelled PURE, are actually pure.  The words ‘PURE’, ‘NATURAL’, and ‘ORGANIC’ — have not been authorized by any agency which deems them to be NON-TOXIC for personal human consumption.

Unless the product you are purchasing has proven itself by third-party testing (scientists skilled in testing for toxins and impurities, as well as strength of therapeutic qualities, etc) — you should NEVER assume the words themselves mean anything.

Not all ‘clean-organic’ essential oils are labelled “Certified Organic”, simply because many of the botanical essences are sourced from global locations which have not yet obtained specific guidelines for branding their product as “certified organic”.  It does not mean that the grower does not follow the organic and sustainable protocols (which must be strictly followed in order to label your product as “certified organic”) — it means they are not mandated to do so, therefore they are not labelled as they would be for the North American markets.

Many non-certified organic food and essential oil producers, go above-and-beyond the necessary criteria, which must be met for ‘certified organic’ certification.

BUYER BEWARE!  There are currently no strict guidelines which enforce a company to reveal what’s inside the essential oil bottle you are purchasing!!  Just because a toxin isn’t listed, doesn’t mean it’s not in there!!

Wild-crafted essences are not necessarily better!  Nobody should be raping the forests and wild-growing areas to mass-produce a product for a vast global market!!(I only support companies that promote and follow the sustainability practices which allow for safe reproduction of a plant/tree/shrub, as well as fair pay and safe working practices which benefit it’s employees, and their families)

Do your research.  There are usually very good reasons (think health benefits) for why a certain product has a higher price tag than another product with the same label name.  It ay be mimicking the natural fragrance via the use of inferior plant sources, or synthetic fragrances manipulated in a lab.

Not all therapeutic, non-toxic oils are safe for internal consumption!!!

Not all oils are safe for use on sensitive skin, infants, or animals.

Not all oils are safe for use while engaging in outdoor activities.  Some are ‘photo-sensitive’ meaning the sunlight may cause a bio-chemical reaction.  It does not mean the oil is not good for you — it merely means do not expose your skin to the sunlight after application of the product!!

Not all oils will respond the same way for every person.  What works for me, may not work for you.  This is why there are so many varieties and options available!

[ Also, keep in mind that you sometimes must practice repeated usage for extended periods of time before you will see results — and sometimes the results will not be what you were hoping for — but does not mean it’s not working!!
Resist the urge to give up prematurely.  
Commit to your health! 
The benefits are worth it!!


So as you can see by this extensive list above, it is very wise to read the small print, and invest in a top-quality product.  HEALTH is your priority!

Up & Coming News from this blog……

Stay-tuned for regular articles concerning a variety of essential oils, and their properties, as I continue to learn, utilize, and explore my way through the extensive varieties available .

*My personal experience with Lavendula Augustifolia has been more amazing than expected.

When diffused, it has brought me a sense of calming, and peace.

Combine with Cedarwood or Frankincense for extra relaxation!

When applied topically to my temples, forehead, back of neck, and behind my ears, I have felt the tension dissipate, relieving headache and muscle strain.

This summer I had an unfortunate encounter with a nest of underground wasps.  I had my lavender rollerball bottle in my back pocket, in preparation that I may need to test it should I be stung in the woods.  When applied to the sting site, I experienced immediate relief of the stinging sensation.  I will never leave home without it again!!

I regularly spray lavender essential oil on my linens before bedtime, to assist with peaceful rest……zzzzzzzzz……

I have discovered a great love and appreciation of Lavender, and you may too!


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