Do you know the importance of stable blood sugars, in relation to your heart health?

This morning I took 48 minutes to watch/listen to a video-podcast regarding blood sugars, entitled “Master Your Blood Sugar Program” (presented by Brian Mowll, CDE, MLDE, IFMCP)

This is a free, pre-release of information, as part of an upcoming “Women’s Heart Health Summit”, beginning February 4.

I don’t have issues with blood sugars, diabetes, or my heart (that I’m aware of) — nor do I want any — so this information is not only vitally important to anyone struggling with these issues; it’s equally as important to understand how our bodies function, allowing us to prevent these serious health issues, or jump right into action — if, or when, the need arises.

Perhaps you know someone that would benefit from these health summits, or maybe you’re curious like me, and find it interesting to understand the ins and outs of all things health related so that you may help others in need?

I urge you to sign-up at this link, “Women’s Heart Health Summit”, to receive these free talks, as well as free downloads of information regarding various topics related to women’s health.

If you’ve never done this before, here’s how it works.

You click the link and enter your email information.

You will receive a Welcome email, and instant access to these FREE gifts — video podcasts and downloads of printed materials on various topics — which enable you to access these at a time convenient to you.

Do I need to be available during the time of these upcoming broadcasts?

NO, viewing links will be sent to you which allow you to view that day’s webinar recording. The great thing about this is that you can pause it and take notes if you want!

It’s that simple. Your live interaction or presence is not required.

I do hope this post inspires you to take a pro-active approach to learning more about your body, and your personal health management!

Wishing you all a ridiculously happy, and healthy, life!

Melissa Hiller xo

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