My little indoor garden!

My mini indoor garden 😊 The sprouts will hopefully become large, beautiful cilantro herbs, & celery — & in the top corner planter — peppermint & lemon balm!
My strawberry plants survived the winters indoors & they seem to be happy in this (now) sunny window.

The cat experiment seems to be going well so I will add to my repertoire once I get another set of shelves! Rainbow enjoys lying between the plants in the sunshine, and has lost interest in beating the crap out of the spider plant — so let’s hope that future plants will be happy — and untouched!
One thing about these Northern winters — we don’t see as many hours of daylight (or sunshine, for that matter) — but on the flip side, our hours of daylight & sunshine are an awesome blessing!
[ Just an fyi — If I have leftover tea or water, I do not dump it down the drain! I use it to water my plants, and they seem to love the little kick of nutrients as much as I do. Easy fertilizer and plant food! ]
Great things flourish here in the North Peace Region! 💕



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