5 Benefits of Strawberries, and why you should consider growing your own!

My kitty loves them also!
(hence the stray hairs on the leaves 😹 )

🍓 My strawberries survived the winter indoors and seem to be doing well in my front window!
🍓 Gives you:
*Vitamin C
*Dietary Fibre
🙈 Strawberries are vulnerable to a variety of pests — & conventional growers combat them with several chemicals which are toxic to the environment, consumers, & farmworkers.
🙊 Fumigants that sterilize the soil before planting have been particularly controversial.
💛 For all these reasons, selecting organic strawberries is better for you, & the planet! Or better yet, grow your own!
🐛 Hanging baskets work great. They keep the berries off the ground, limiting their exposure to slugs & other creepy-crawlies – that like to eat the fruits of your labour!
🌞 Grow in full sun, & water well daily! Mulch well to maintain moisture in the soil, as well as keep the weeds down!
🍓 These are everbearing plants. While they aren’t high-yield, they do provide me with fruit throughout the entire growing season.

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