Dandelions & Their Benefits!

Life-cycle of the iconic Dandelion!

Tis the Season for Dandelions!

What’s more iconic than the dandelion? I think we all have childhood memories of making wishes before blowing the fluffy seed heads into the Heavens?!

As I learn more about herbs — coveted in the garden, or otherwise — (some call them weeds….), — I will share my findings here so you all can learn along with me!

Today’s lesson is a bit about the nutritional benefits, and I’ll be focusing on the Dandelion Root!

Dandelions send their incredibly long roots deep into the earth, absorbing vitamins and minerals into the plant, making them high micro-nutrients and phyto-nutrients:

  • iron
  • manganese
  • carotenes
  • calcium
  • potassium
  • and inulin

Dandelions are an amazing PRE-biotic!

Inulin is a starchy carbohydrate that can help restore healthy gut flora by providing food to the gut microbiomes.

Dandelions are an important medicine.

  • Their roots are used by many herbalists to support liver health.
  • Also great for congested and swollen gallbladders
  • thick bile
  • lack of bile secretion
  • jaundice from bile back-up
  • constipation from lack of bile in the intestines
  • anemia from lack of bile production

When liver health is disrupted it can show signs of both heat, and stagnation.

Symptoms of Liver Stagnation:

  • poor digestion (especially the digestion and absorption of fat)
  • sour belching
  • estrogen dominance
  • excessive PMS symptoms (including bloating, clots, cramping, irregular bowel movements, and excessive anger)

If Liver Stagnation isn’t resolved it can further evolve into what Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners call Liver Heat.

Signs of Liver Heat

  • red tongue (especially on the side of the tongue)
  • headaches behind – or around – the eyes
  • dry mouth
  • bitter taste in the mouth
  • tinnitus (aka ringing noises within the ear)
  • bursts of anger
  • hot and itchy skin conditions
  • dry and red eyes

Dandelion Root is both cooling, and draining. In herbal terms, dandelion root is considered to be both ‘choleretic’ (affects the liver), and ‘cholagogue’ (affects the gallbladder).

Dandelion Root also promotes benefits for many other symptoms associated with poor liver health; ie —

  • acne, boils, and PMS
  • inflammation contributed to arthritic conditions
  • Dandelion root is also used alongside burdock root (and other herbs), to treat cancer patients.
Dandelion Root

If you’ve ever tried to dig one up you know how very long their tap roots are! If they break off in the ground they will heal and re-grow! Quite an adaptable and persistent character.

Upcoming posts will contain info regarding the ingestion of leaves, stems, and seeds! Stay tuned…..

Melissa xo

Notes, notes, and more notes!


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