Canned Tomato Sauce – Italian-style

Mid-summer is always an exciting time as the fresh produce becomes available! It’s been a very long time since I’ve canned tomatoes (besides last year’s salsa which I’m going to do again today!) – so I’m feeling nostalgic and remembering my beautiful veggie garden that I used to have many years ago back home on Manitoulin Island.

I’m blessed to have the ability to order fresh organic products from Farm Bound – based here in lower BC, so I took advantage of this and ordered a large box of beautiful roma tomatoes. My home smells amazing right now with the aroma of my italian tomato sauce simmering on the stove!

I don’t bother peeling, coring, or de-seeding my tomatoes — cuz waste, right? Why throw pieces of nutrition and fibre away? (Recipe to follow once this is all done)

Today (& yesterday), have been perfect days for canning! Wide open windows delivering a nice cross-breeze……heavenly, I tell ya! And that view……(I love it here).

View from my work table…..divine…..

Tunes blasting……mind wandering to future meals and recipes……..*sigh*……pure bliss in this moment……And if you’re curious to what I listen to on days like these, here’s my ‘BC Days’ YouTube playlist for your listening pleasure if you’re so obliged:

You may be surprised by what’s on here……a little bit of everything!

It’s time to place these canned tomatoes out to cool, and get busy with my tomato sauce!….and salsa……and strawberries!!!!

Wishing you all a very safe, and blessed Civic Holiday!

Peace & Love, from the North Peace Region of BC! xo

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