What is Lacto-fermentation?

🥕Lacto-fermentation — what is it?

This type of preservation happen when Lactobacilli, a good bacteria found naturally on vegetables, converts the starches and sugars of the vegetables into lactic acid, a natural preservative that inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria.

Lactic acid makes the the environment surrounding the food too acidic for dangerous bacteria to survive, but keeps the acid at a level in which good bacteria thrive, thus creating a powerful probiotic.

Lacto-fermentation also partially digests the food, starting the process of breaking it down into its component parts and making it easier for our bodies to get the most out of it.

🍅—> It also unlocks additional nutrients — including enormous amounts of vitamin C — that aren’t found in the same quantities in uncultured veggies. The enhanced probiotics, enzymes, and vitamins in cultured vegetables make them powerhouse foods.

🥒 Did you know?
Canning using a vinegar brine and heat, kills all the naturally occurring beneficial bacteria and enzymes along with the vitamin C.

{Exert from the book below — (If you’re a book collector like me, I highly recommend this one!)}


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