Valor – today’s diffuser blend

This is hands-down my go-to blend for those days when I want to feel grounded and balanced. Like when I’ve been thinking about things a little too much — and feel the need to ‘let it go’…….

Blue tansy on it’s own is quite nice, but combined together with black spruce and frankincense…well you can’t beat it for it’s earthiness and ‘grounding’ properties.

I received a new bottle last week, and today’s the day to crack it open and diffuse this into my space! Inhale peace…..exhale bliss…….

This blend was formulated to:
* balance energies,
• instill courage,
• instill confidence
• instill self-esteem
• helps the body to self-correct its balance and alignment

• black spruce
• rosewood
• blue tansy
• frankincense

Diffuse, or apply topically.
Can be worn as a fragrance (I do this often!)
Apply to wrists, chest, back of neck, soles of feet, spine.
*Dilute with a carrier oil (ie v-6 – combination of 6 vegan oils) if you have sensitive skin.

#valor #blackspruce #rosewood #bluetansy #frankincense #blissinabottle #diffuse

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