Calendula Infused Oil, and it’s benefits

“Calendula is great for the skin, and is well known around the world for its wound healing properties. It may be beneficial for cracks, scrapes, minor burns, rashes, chapped lips, and pesky bug bites. “

Last autumn I made myself a batch of slow-infused calendula and chickweed oil. I then used this infused oil to create a nourishing, healing skin balm.

Calendula is easy to grow, and is a super-nourishing, and sufficient self-seeding annual — meaning it completes a life-cycle in one growing season, and seeds itself for next year’s garden growth.

It comes in a variety of colours, but yellow and orange are the most common.

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Calendula oil also increases circulation. When applied to a bruise, it helps the
body to resolve stagnation, and move the pooled cells out of a bruised area.

Calendula is edible, and I enjoy it in my teas.

It is easily dried by hanging it upside down in small bundles, or on a drying screen or dehydrator. It is most often used in it’s dried form for herbal concoctions. You can also purchase them online or in herbal health stores.

I highly recommend that you make sure the calendula you utilize has not been treated with any form of pesticide, as the toxins will leech into your teas and skin creams, making it’s way to your liver. (An over-burdened liver is responsible for many symptoms of illness and disease – ie inflammation, etc)

To make my oil infusion, I used clean, dried calendula petals and flower-heads, and chickweed which I had dried (from my yard). I then stuffed equal amounts of the dried herbs into a clean jar, and topped it with organic sunflower oil. I set it in a sunny location for 6 weeks and allowed the heat from the sunshine to work it’s magic.

Today I used the remainder of my Calendula and Chickweed oil to make another batch of body balm to get me through the remainder of this cold, dry winter weather. I will divide it into small jars and mix in my desired blends of essential oils for optimal results.

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