Homesteading Dreams… spin, or not to spin? That is the question….

Two Brown Lama
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It’s been a long winter up here in the North-Peace region of BC so I’ve had a lot of time to daydream about future homestead goals. I have alpacas on my mind!

I’ve been considering having them around – not only for their extreme cuteness – but for their hair as well. I can make alpaca felt, and perhaps invest in a spinning wheel and make my own yarns. I used to be quite the avid crocheter and have considered purchasing some supplies — but how cool would it be to weave my own rugs, and make my own alpaca products from home-grown wool?!

Image result for spinning wheels images
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There’s much to learn so the remainder of today will be spent researching alpacas, how-to’s, etc….and dreaming of better pastures………

Have a great day!
Melissa ~ future alpaca mama xo

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