1st day of Spring 2020

How I’ve spent the first few hours of my day (it’s currently 11am) —

  1. Coffee…first things first! It’s important.

2. Watching YouTube videos about shearing alpacas —-

3. Watching YouTube videos about spinning wool on drop spindles and spinning machines —-

4. Watching YouTube videos about tiny homes —-

5. Making lists of info and url’s on Google Keep for future referencing!

6. Testing links to Canadian businesses that specialize in eco-friendly, non-toxic, ‘organic’ products…..and once completed, I will share my list here!

7. It is now 12:42 and I have completed my kitchen clean-up……

8. Ground up some coffee beans for a local elder…..

9. Took care of my weekly garbage and recycling duties……

10. Watered my herbs and dead-headed some plants in preparation for new spring growth!

11. Loaded my bread machine!! I don’t fret about my inability to purchase bread — however my flour supply is running a bit low so I must pick some up soon! Anyway, it took approximately 3 minutes to gather all my ingredients and get it done, so I urge you to get yourself a machine and take matters into your own hands!!

12. Now it’s time to make some lunch — grilled chicken caesar salad with homemade vinaigrette is on today’s menu —- then off to pick up my Farm Bound box! All organic staples delivered whenever I call upon their services. I love it!

Wishing you all a wonderful Spring season — Stay safe, stay well, stay happy! Melissa xo

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