My own little house on the prairie….

I’ve always been intrigued with having small, portable spaces and tiny homes. I think it stems from childhood and time spent on my grandparent’s sailboat in their little cuddy cabin. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to explore living spaces in a boat, you know what I’m talking about! The shipbuilders find ways to make use of every square inch available.

When I first met my husband, I spent a couple of months alone living in an RV while he was away working. Our fifth-wheel trailer was located on 88 acres out in the country on a reclaimed hay field!

The property was leased out for hay usage and had been recently cut before we moved onto it. It was a beautiful space that I enjoyed exploring with my faithful companion (Luna) by my side.

I sure do miss this driveway……

My kitchen was (of course) tiny, but I was able to prepare some pretty amazing meals in that little space, and maybe one day I will get to do it again. Luna was a perfect watchdog!

Luna was especially happy when her Daddy came for visits…..

One of my favourite things about this beautiful country acreage was the ability to take a stroll around ‘my yard’ and pick some wild berries…….

I even grew potatoes!!

our little potato patch!

They did well until the very early frost struck but I was able to get myself a few harvests and made myself some yummy cream of potato soup!

Sometimes we had visitors — strange little creatures that I was unaware shared the field with me!

The nice thing about a house on wheels is the ability to ‘move’ whenever you like! I wasn’t enjoying the sound of passersby so close to the roadway, so I found myself a cozy little spot at the back of the acreage where the grass was particularly soft and lush……still private as it was surrounded by trees and other foliage. It was also on low-lying land behind a large hill — the meadow had several rolling hills and even tiny ‘islands’ of tree outcroppings! I absolutely loved it.

I quickly made myself comfortable!

Recliner back…..feet up beneath the awning….fresh (but slightly cool air)…..Luna running around……pure bliss!

The day we drove away to move into our ‘off-season’ apartment in Fort Mac, AB was a sad one, but Mother Nature blessed us with an amazing photo opp — a farewell gift that I’ll cherish forever…..

We’d had a few frosty and hazy mornings…..taken just as the sun was rising…….

Now here’s a cool video of an RV do-over —– and it’s got me thinking of the future possibilities when I’m able to purchase another trailer. (Sadly, someone thought they needed ours more than we did and they stole it… Bloody thieves…….SMH…..)

Anyway, let’s get on with the show…… Isn’t this amazing?!!! Wouldn’t you love a portable home like this?!!

Keep on dreaming…….be happy, and stay well! Melissa xo

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