Shark week tea

This one’s for a sensitive topic, & ladies, you know what I’m talking about!!
It’s shark week here & with it comes that usual bladder irritation ~ a heavy feeling in the uterus as nature’s doing it’s thing ~ (contractions in the uterus and bladder, increased urination, slight burning/irritability that goes along with a cranky bladder & mild cystitis — a just plain icky feeling….)
I researched some herbs to ‘hot water infuse’, and I had these on hand.
Nettle leaf, raspberry leaf, dried chickweed that I saved from last fall’s harvest, and some peppermint from my plants for extra flavour.

Now to allow it to steep for an hour, and I’ll drink this down.
{✳️ Not intended as a remedy. Please see your homeopathic physician for all ailments}

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