Yarrow & why you need it in your life!

July 16 – “Edible”
Today I’ve decided to share a photo of my edible flowers 🌼
I groomed my giant yarrow plant that I’ve had growing in my front garden, wrapped a piece of twine around the stalks, and hung them to dry.

Yarrow is versatile and can be used in a variety of ways!
I like to toss a few leaves & flower heads into some hot water, and create a nourishing tea (along with a few other ‘herbs’, such as white clover buds, and a few mint leaves).

It can be dried and infused with oil to make healing salves – great for wounds, pain relief, inflammation, & tissue repair.

Yarrow can also be beneficial for fevers! Do a hot water infusion, allowing it to steep for several hours. Strain it, then add it to your bath water, or create compresses with fabric, placing them on your hands & feet (think socks, and wristlets). It works by encouraging the body to open our pores and sweat the fever out.

Fresh yarrow leaves can be used to stop a wound from bleeding! Crush up the leaves and put them directly on the cut. The yarrow will speed up the blood clotting process, and will disinfect the tissues. Remember, it also decreases inflammation & pain! Fresh leaves are best, but cut and dried yarrow leaves can be placed directly on a cut, or you can steep some & make a compress with the yarrow tea.

Yarrow grows everywhere! Next time you’re out in your yard, or in a park, take some time to look around. You’ll probably find some easily!

One last thing – always seek clean plants. Avoid environmental toxins, pesticides, and animal areas!!! (For obvious reasons) 💩

I hope you learned something new today ~ & happy yarrow hunting! XO

#yarrow #myorganichomestead

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