About This Site

Hey there ~ Welcome to my site!

So what’s this all about? 

The back-story….

Approximately twenty years ago, I began struggling with chronic pain and inflammation in my hips, spine, neck, and feet.  I sought help from my doctor; he did tests and told me it’s likely due to an accident I’d had several years prior.

As time went by, I was seeing no progress in my healing, and the pain was getting worse, and spreading to my arms – elbows, wrists, fingers — ankles, knees — basically every joint in my body. 

I was also extremely tired.  I’m talking serious lack of energy and great fatigue.  It felt like I was coming down with the flu, except after several days it didn’t progress to anything flu-like, so it had me stumped.

I also developed tenderness on parts of my body which didn’t make sense because I know I hadn’t bumped into anything, yet I felt bruised. 

And the headaches!  I’ve had chronic migraine headaches for decades.

Perhaps you can relate?

Here comes the diagnosis —

I made an appointment to see my Doctor, and after explaining my symptoms she ordered some blood work.  After repeated requests for more and more blood, she finally contacted me to say she’d referred me to a rhumatologist.

I finally had some answers — or so I thought!

I was diagnosed with multiple autoimmune disorders…..and the search for relief began.

Bring on the pharmaceuticals!

The Rhumatologist prescribed me some medications, and I wish I could say that they helped, but they did not.  My symptoms would lessen — but they would always come back.

After years of injecting myself weekly (or twice weekly) with a chemotherapy drug to suppress my immune system, as well as oral consumption of immune-suppressing medications, and something for the nerve pain, and something for the inflammation in my joints, — as well as some vitamins (D3, Omega 3-6-9 in particular) — I decided I’d had enough.  The side-effects were robbing me of my quality of life, and the intermittent flare-ups were stealing the rest of my peace, and sanity.

You see, I always had this thought in the back of my head —

“How could ingesting doses of cyto-toxic medications, for the rest of my life (we’re talking decades here) be considered life-sustaining, or prolong the longevity??”

Research, research, and more research = Discovery!

I began researching the vitamins that I was taking, and I saw some reassuring value in the words.  This of course led me to finding alternative treatment options using only (natural) herbs and botanicals for my symptoms.  IE Vitamins, minerals, and the topical usage of essential oils, for management.

I learned that today’s food production is quite toxic itself — alarmingly so! — and that many commercial food crops are tainted with all sorts of toxic pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, as well as genetically-modified in a lab so that the plants won’t be negatively affected when sprayed with these poisons!!

Of course this got my mind to wondering — “How can this not be toxic to humans also, when ingested over a period of decades?  Perhaps this explains the higher incidence of cancers and other illnesses?”  Makes sense if you think about it.

Time for a Natural Solution ~ The Trial Begins!

July 2017 — I began my health transformation journey.

This involved cutting out all processed foods (which I’d already committed to for a couple of years already), and cutting out all non-organic food sources, including sugars, spices, herbs, vitamins and minerals, snacks, etc….

I also cut out any kind of toxic chemical cleaners, body and skincare products, hair products — including styling products (thank you MONAT!) — laundry detergents, and anything with synthetic (fake) fragrances and synthetic oils.

I began researching the effects of stress on the body, and their direct correlation to toxins.  It was then that I decided to cut out all toxic relationships (after failed attempts to negotiate some peace and guidelines).

The healing began……

The rest of this healing journey will be written about in my blog posts ~ here at my companion site ‘Perfexion In Motion‘.  I hope you’ll find some inspiration in my posts, and may healing take place for you also! đź’–  #LetsGetHealthyTogether

Melissa Hiller [aka Thundering Silence]

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